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International conductor, Linda Safajou, a Persian born Australian, is resident conductor of the Baha’i House of Worship Choir, Sydney, Australia.

She has travelled extensively during her career, conducting choirs in such places as the Commonwealth in Independent States, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, France and Oman.

Bahai Temple Choir

Choir Performs every Sunday at the Baha’i Temple in Mona vale. Service Starts at 11.00 am Sharp. Come and enjoy your Sunday in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Please visit Baha’i website for more information.

Music Therapy

The process of music therapy is that of a trained therapist utilising melody and rhythm to stimulate a change in the client’s behaviour by linking past perceptions with current reality.

I have been involved in Choir Conducting, Song Writing for many years. I have formed and conducted numerous choir groups in both national and international levels. I have worked with choir groups for Sydney’s Olympic, Baha’i Temple in Sydney, Diamond Jubilee Choir in Ethiopia, Africa and Choir in Russia.

Baha’i Temple Choir

I am proud to work with the choir at Sydney Baha’i Temple. I find this service a very rewarding experience both as a Baha’i and choir conductor.

Sydney Olympic Choir

I worked with Torch Relay Choir in 2000 Sydney Olympic. Nations in Harmony was a great and uplifting experience. It was a fantastic opportunity to be part of this historical event.

Jubilee Choir

Jubilee Choir was a moving experience for me. once in a life time chance to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Baha’i Faith in Ethiopia. A special thanks to all that made it possible.

Mind Body Spirit Choir

Conducted by Linda Safajou

Baha’i Choral Ensemble Tour

Baha’i Choral Ensemble Tour Commonwealth of Independent States.

July – August 1998 Kazakstan