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Music Therapy

Music Therapy defines as “a scientific application of the elements of music, harmony, rhythm, tone, pitch, timbre and dynamics in various forms to influence change in human physiological and psychological processes.”

–BAILEY – 1984

Music Therapy is “the specialised use of music in the service of persons with needs in mental health, physical health, habilitation, rehabilitation, and special education. The purpose is to help individuals attain and maintain their maximum levels of functioning”


Christophorus House Retirement Village, Sydney.
The Selection of lovely carols was supported by recitals by Gwen and Beth, solos from Hayden, Margaret and Richard, as well as, the vocal skills of the Baha’i Temple Choir. Milan was the master of Ceremonies. The Musical Director was Linda.

Thanks to,
Santa, MRS Claus, Andrea, Jason, Narelle and Monika for their assistance.

Music is part of individual and cultural identity, thus, music can be used to help rebuild identity and restore humanity on both a personal and cultural level.”


The Seekers of Joy Children Sing & Recite From the Baha’i Holy Scriptures in English, Arabic, French.
This project was made possible because of the creative imagination, the sacrificial efforts & constant optimism & most of all, the boundless energy of Linda Safajou, our amej’an (aunt) and friend.
It came from the dream of joining our talents and friendships as 4 cousins & 2 friends, spending the Australian summer of 2006 together in Sydney. This gave us the chance to develop the virtues of self-discipline, determination, preservation, creativity and most of all patience! It was also a very joyful experience.
Our diversity came from our many influences: Ethiopian, French, Israeli, Arab, English, Canadian and of course Australian! May we continue to grow in service to humankind wherever our lives take us.

Special Thanks to,
H’el’ene Safajou for heloping us stay on task. Heartfelt thanks to Ramin Rohani & Jimmy Safajou for the Catering. Many thanks to Phil evans for his time, patience and skills in the studio. special mention and gratitude to all our parents and grandparents.