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Persian born Australian conductor, Linda Safajou, has travelled extensively during her career, conducting choirs in Australia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Oman and Ethiopia. Linda is the resident conductor of the Baha’i Temple in Sydney and she also work as a Music Therapist.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy from University of Technology in Sydney.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Music) From Conservatorium of Music, Sydney.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Music) Majoring in Composition & Conducting From National Conservatorium of Music, Tehran, Iran.
Various certificate courses in Palliative Care, Manual Handling, Medical Terminology, Evaluation Programs, Care Plan Writing and the Residential Classification Scale, Coordinating a Diversional Therapy Team, Conflict Resolution Workshop, False Prevention & Management Package, Strategies for dealing with Difficult People, Team Building Workshop, Caring for Aggressive Older Adults, Aggression Management Package and Programming.

As a Music Therapist and Diversional Therapist, I have worked with a variety of clients in different settings.


  • Dementia Specific Unit (Sundowners).
  • Children with Severe Mental and Physical Impairment.
  • Group Homes for Youth with Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Autism.
  • Special Centre for High Dependency adult clients with Mental and Physical Impairment.
  • Aged Care Facilities (Dementia Specific), Hostels and Respite Care.

“My approach as a Music Therapist requires me to write an assessment, develop care plan and write music therapy programs according to the needs of each individual client. I conduct individual music therapy sessions as well as group music therapy sessions to promote social interaction, mental stimulation, increase length of concentration and attention span, raise self confidence and self esteem, reduce anxiety, foster a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment and provide spiritual validation and exploration.Due to my interest and background in Multiculturalism I have the skills and ability to use music from different nationalities as a tool to build rapport and communication with clients from different ethnic backgrounds.”

“My proficiency as a musician enables me to draw on my experience as a professional music teacher, utilising my skills to benefit the client through improvisation, vocalisation, and employing different instruments and styles of music.”

Devised and implemented a scaled and coded set of evaluation responses for more efficient documentation of individual resident/client activity.Implemented a more systematic set of care plan documents in line with the five major components of the accreditation guidelines (Standard 3 of question 15) for Diversional Therapy.

MAY 2008:
Published journal article ” Bringing together complementary therapy interventions for mutually reinforcing outcomes” in Australasian journal of Diversional Therapy.

Presentation on the Systematic Evaluation of the Music Thrapy Program, Sydney West Area Mental Health Services (During the Music Therapy National Conference in the State library, Sydney).

Research project ” Therapeutic Effect on Barpque music in Dementia clients and Sundowners”.

Presentation on the Systematic Evaluation of the Music Therapy Program, Sydney West Area Mental Health Service (During the Music Therapy National Conference in the State Library, Sydney)

Presentation on the Systematic Evaluation of the Music Therapy, Westmead Cumberland Hospital.

Submitted Journal Article “Bringing together complementary therapy interventions for mutually reinforcing outcomes”.

Devised and Implemented the Bridgeway House Volunteer Program to address the cultural, social and physiological needs of residents at both Aged care and Mental Health facilities, as well as their cognitive, educational and therapeutic requirements.

Performed at the 50th Anniversary of the Baha’i Temple in Samoa.

By request of the Norfolk Island government, performed and conducted workshops at the Multicultural Festival in Norfolk Island.

Performed at the Tawila Festival in Samoa.

Performed in Carnegie Hall, New York, USA.

2000 – PRESENT:
Conductor and Founder of the Nations in Harmony Choir. Performances have included International Year of Volunteers Day Presentation attended by Mr Phillip Ruddock (Minister for Immigration), Closing concert for International Year of Volunteers at Darling Harbour, citizenship ceremonies, stralia Day ceremony at Sydney Opera House by invitation of Department of Immigration. The choir also participated in the Tuela Festival in Samoa in 2001.

Conductor and Founder of the Parramatta Olympic Torch Relay Choir. This choir was formed specifically for the Olympic Torch Relay in Western Sydney performed songs from around the world in 14 different languages.

1992 – PRESENT:
Conductor, Baha’i Temple Choir, Sydney. Conducts a four-part a cappella choir at each Sunday service in Sydney Baha’i Temple, and at external proclamation events in the Sydney area.

Performing Arts School, Oman. Trained participants in four-part choral singing.

Celebration of the Centenary of the Baha’i Faith in Paris, France. trained participants in four-part choral singing; adapted and arranged Baha’i sacred songs in French, English, Arabic and Persian for performance during the Centenary Concert at Paris Opera House.

Lights of Unity Performing Arts Tour, Commonwealth of Independent States. Trained a 60-voice choir in four-part choral singing, adapting and arranging folk songs from countries on the Commonwealth of Independent States and from Baha’i sacred writings in English, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Georgian and Armenian; assisted in choreographing and training dancers.

Baha’i Unity Chorus, Winter School, Kangar, Malaysia. Trained 210-voice choir in four-part harmonies in Malay, English, Persian and Arabic languages;performing for an audiences of 1200.

Celebration of the birth of Baha ú’ llah, Singapore. Trained a Choir in four-part harmony and assisted in development of a dramatic presentation featuring vignettes from the life of Baha ú’ llah performing for an audience including an ambassador and religious leaders representing the Hindu, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Muslim and Sikh Faiths.

First Novaya Era Academy Classes, Almaty, Kazakstan.
Trained adults and youth from various countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States in four-part harmony to enhance use of Arts in teaching and construction work. Performed formed the core of the Lights of unity Choir, which toured Russia and other countries of the Commonwealth on Independent States, having already developed a solid foundation in choral singing.


An accomplished musician playing the following instruments: Piano, Persian Violin (Ghichack), Persian Drum (Tomback), Percussion Instrument (Diyareh), Santour, Sarangi, Trombone, Double Bass, Guitar, Violin, Mandolin and Cello.


  • Black belt in Karate – produced a Self Defence video.
  • Aerobic Instructor.
  • Modern Jazz and National Character Dancing Teacher.

Performed from age 13 at the court of Shah if Iran and around the world as member of the National Orchestra of Iran. Performed in the 2500 Celebration in Persepolis for many of the Kings and Rulers of the world and presented a medal from Shah of Iran during the celebrations.


  • “Call of the Beloved” (meditation).
  • “Lights of Unity” (Choral).
  • “Baha’i Temple Choir – Live at the Baha’i Temple” (Choral a Capella).
  • “Olympic Torch Relay Choir” (Choral multicultural).
  • “A Spiritual Quest, Seekers of Joy” (Children’s CD).

Collated Music Therapy Resource Book “Reaching Heart and Soul” (as part of Doctorate studies) awaiting publication by University of Technology Sydney.