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Baha’i Temple Choir


Baha’i Temple Choir, at The Temple entrance

The Baha’i Temple, Sydney Australia

Baha’i Temple Choir inside The Temple

The Baha’i Temple, Sydney Australia

Choir performing during Sunday service at The Temple

Illuminated  Baha’i Temple at night


Sydney Olympic Choir


The Parramatta Olympic Torch Relay Choir

Olympic Torch Relay Choir performing live

Linda Safajou Choir Conductor


75th Anniversary of The Baha’i Faith in Ethiopia





Russian Choir Performing
Conducted by Linda Safajou

Martin Place, Sydney

Linda Performing Traditional Persian Dance

Linda Safajou Playing Persian Drum in an outdoor gathering

Music practice session in Kazakstan

Sydney Hilton

Choir performance

Baha’is in Kasakstan

Linda Safajou Graduation

Linda Safajou Represented Australia in the 13th World Congress of Music Therapy. 2011, Seoul, Korea

Linda Safajou perfming at the Goldern World Expo, Sydney

Goldern World Expo

Goldern World Expo






Celebrating 50th Anniversary of the Baha’i House of Worship Sydney, Australia