Diamond Jubilee Choir Performed in front of massive crowd celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the baha’i Faith in Ethiopia in 2009. Linda Safajou conducted the Choir and also produced the music for the occasion. Thirteen of the songs of the songs on this album are Linda’s original arrangements and she also plays all but one of the instruments used in the recording of this album.


The Choir performed many songs accompanied by live music and dancing.

Linda Safajou, conductor the choir addressing the audience.

Arise in His Name
Diamond Jubilee Choir
Ethiopia, Africa

Prodcuced and Conducted by Linda Safajou
1. Arise in His Name
2. O Son of Man!
3. God is Sufficient Unto me
4. Healing Prayer
5. O God, My God!

Persian born Australian conductor, Linda Safajou, has travelled extensively during her career, conducting choirs in Australia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Oman and Ethiopia. Her purpose in Ethiopia was to train a Diamond Jubilee Choir for the 75th Anniversary of the Baha’i Faith in Ethiopia. With a vision to “Capture the Spirit of Ethiopia”, she has been inspired to accomplish the “Fusion of Voices” whereby 38 sing in four part harmonies in the Amharic language with traditional instruments; a unique and first-time work in the history of Ethiopian music. Her enthusiasm and constant renewed energy for music and life in general is contagious and has brought an unforgettable experience to the lives af all who are privileged to work with Ms Safajou.


1. Alemie Birhanu
2. Almaz Beyene
3. Bethlehem Moges
4. Carmel Rohani
5. Gizel Cook
6. Hanna Belayneh
7. Hitut Alemu
8. Leyouwork Sertse
9. Lua Aressahegn
10. Nasim Tekie
11. Redeit Alemu
12. Ribka Alemarye
13. Shannon Dunne
14. Yeshihareg Araya


1. Agnes
2. Asnaketh Legesse
3. Dagmawit Sertse
4. Fana Tuerke
5. Getenesh Tsigie
6. Helen Tsegaye
7. Sinidu Shiferaw
8. Tihtina Amdemariam
9. Tizita Samuel


1. Gebreigziabher Haile
2. Giziawi Desta
3. Solomon Admassu
4. Teshome Bekele
5. Tigistu Adamu
6. Yikirta Alemu


1. Ben
2. Nabet Fani
3. Yakob Yemane
4. Yared Yohannes
5. Yibeltal Alemu


Gary Sterling


Masinko: Edris Hassan
Kirar: Fasiko Hailu
Kebero: Aster Worku

Special Thanks to:

Mulaku Astatke for his support.
The national Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Ethiopia for their endless support.